CORKLAND is born with the will to contribute to a greener world by offering quality products handcrafted and 100% ecological. All with a common denominator as raw material: the cork (only the high quality).

We consider a new concept to have fashion accessories, so you can show a variety of articles made of this material, thus being totally respectful with the environment, so much so that even items of different colors are made with pigments natural.

Cork fabric, contrary to what it may seem, is soft, waterproof, durable and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

Cork is really all a gift of nature and buying products made with this type of tissue, we are helping save trees and we avoid their felling.

The bark of the tree regenerates every nine years and it's from the third regeneration when the cork takes its best quality and is used to make fashion items. It is extracted by specialists who know remove the bark without damaging the tree, boiled to make it more flexible and also to kill insects, after the pieces of cork stick to a mold and allowed to dry, once dried is cut into very thin slices and stick to tissue, such as cork is porous and there are small cracks is when a special seal is added to make it ready for clothing.

We want to set a trend with different and original items, with something completely natural and innovative, unique and exclusive sustainable fashion, so we have chosen the cork, because it has all the necessary conditions for it.

In Corkland you can find cork bags, cork costume jewellery, cork accessories and cork gifts for all tastes.

Come visit our little land of cork and you will see all the possibilities in sustainable fashion that nature offers us...you will love it!!!